Best Recliner Chair 2017- Buyer’s Guide (June 2017)

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2017)

Furniture is the most integral part of every house. It depicts many things like your aesthetic taste. Having best  recliner chair in your living room will not only supports your decorating taste but also adds comfort in your home. Most of the people spend huge time in searching best recliner chair. We have got it covered for you.

In our top 10 epic list, we will talk about best recliner chair which will not only give you  comfort but the best value for money. Navigate from following menu to reach your desired section of this comprehensive article.

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Recliner is an armchair in which you can recline yourself for relaxing with back supported. People refer recliners with different names such as reclining chair, lounger and armchair.


Comparison Chart- Top 10 recliner chairs

Recliner NameProduct DimensionsFamous for
RECLINER GENIUS Leather Massage Recliner Chair37.8*33.8*41.7 inches8 points massage
Pearington Keansburg MicrofiberRecliner Chair35 x 38.2 x 38.2 inchesSinuous Spring Seating
Giantex Manual Recliner Chair35 4/5”L X 25 3/5”W X 39 3/4”HSteel Mechanism
MSG Massage Recliner Leather Sofa ChairL38*W34*H42 inchesInternal Heating System
Bonded Leather Motor Power Recliner (Brown)40"H x 36"W x 37"D inchesMotor Power recliner
Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner41 x 36 x 40 inchesMultiple massaging zones
Merax Suede Heated Massage Recliner 36.6" (W) X 37.8" (D) X 38.6" (H) 8 points massage
Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige35.8 x 31 x 38 inchesHigh seat back
Lucas Grey Recliner Club Chair32.8 x 27.6 x 20 inchesLucas’s strong hardwood frame
Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair 36.6" (W) X 37.8" (D) X 38.6" (H) Internal heating system

Recliner Chair – Buyer’s Guide

Must have features in best recliner chair

It has back rest and can be tilted back according to use. Along with footrest may be attached for foot relaxing.
Good recliners have got livers placed on side of the chair and these can be extended when back is reclined. Other features include lumbar support, adjustable headrest and separate footstool which is automatically adjusted with the weight of the user.

Moreover this independent footstool also adjustable with the angle of user legs to get maximum comfort. Some other features that you may find in advanced recliners are heat, massage and vibration options. Furthermore some high quality recliners also designed for spine position for sleeping.

Where modern lifestyle is providing us lots of luxuries on the same time we are facing different psychological issues like depression, stress and tiredness. You definitely need something which can provide you comfort and relax your stiff muscles.

When you spend a hectic day at work you surely want to sit on your relaxing chair. Most of the recliners have massage option, you can get your sore muscles fresh by sitting on recliner arm chair. Adjustable footrest and cup holders will make you to enjoy the moment.

Things to consider while buying the best electric recliner chairs

Deciding best suitable recliner could be difficult job for you because there are tons of relaxing recliners out there in the market. Some companies are making cheap recliners and some are focusing only high quality recliners. Price alone can’t determine the decision of buying best electronic recliner chair, there are other factors that you may not want to miss while deciding appropriate arm chair for you. These factors are discussed in detail below.

1. Size

As we know recliners are basically bigger in size as compared to ordinary chairs. So you must see how much space is allocated in your home for the recliner you are going to buy. You must be clear where you are going to put the recliner in your home, in your living room, tv lounge or bed room.

2. Your body shape

This is perhaps the most basic thing that you should consider before purchasing recliner. A good recliner will provide you comfort when it fits your body shape. Remember avoid purchasing recliners with attached seats because it doesn’t adjustable when you recline yourself. Recliner with unlocking options for seats will be best for you as it tilts you when you recline it consequently it will take pressure off your knees and make you comfortable. The better you the more you get comfort from your recliner.

3. Durability

Even you are on budget; still you should not ignore the quality of the recliner.  It doesn’t mean that all good quality recliners are expensive. I will show you in this article that you can get cheap recliner and still it will meet your primary demands. So don’t fall for recliner just on the basis of price, you must consider the durability of the product.
Things you can check in your recliner are fabric, leather quality and metals used in the chair.According to Housekeeping magazine, good recliners last 10 years and some high quality recliners have useful life of even 20 to 25 years. So recliner is something that is going to be used for long time so you should consider the longevity of the chair.

4. Style preferences

As you know most recliners are bulky sized that may affect your existing home décor. So review which design of recliner is in accordance with you home furniture.
Although there are numerous new recliners which are sleek and slim. As I mentioned above that recliner will last upto 1 or 2 decades you I would suggest go for classic recliner design because your home décor taste may change over the period, you classic recliners always look good and suitable in any décor.

5. Features

Make a list of must have features that you are expecting from your recliner. There are some features that you may not need such as massaging option, so why you pay for the feature that you are not going to use. Some basic features that you should consider are full body support, lumbar support and articulating head rest. You may don’t want to miss the sleep function, as most of the recliners have this function.

Best reclining sofa brands

  •  Flash Furniture
  •  Divano Roma Furniture
  •  Best Choice Products
  •  ACME
  •  Dorel Living
  •  Best-selling
  •  NHI Express
  •  Great Deal Furniture
  •  Signature Design by Ashley
  •  Warren
  •  Giantex
  •  GMS
  •  Homelegance

Although it’s hard for some people to identify best recliner to buy. We will help you in deciding suitable recliner for you in our top 10 epics list.

You can read detailed reviews of industries best recliners and we will explain what makes them best choice for money.

1. RECLINER GENIUS Leather Massage Recliner Chair

best recliner chair

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

This is fully loaded recliner chair has got many options. It has smooth manual reclining function for maximum comfort. When you take a dive back its backrest reclines and footrest pops up automatically. You can rotate as much as you like due to its 360 degree swivel system. If you want to take ultimate pleasure then this best top recliner has got it covered for you, yes I am talking about the built in rocker function which allows the user to rock gently up and down.

As I mentioned earlier that this is fully loaded recliner chair, you will find massage option in it. The best part is that this recliner is having 8 points massage for ultimate relaxation. If there is cold out there and you want someone to give you a warming experience then this recliner is best for you to buy, as there is heating system incorporated in this recliner chair.

If we talk about armrests then let me tell you, there are quite thick padded armrests along with 2 cup holders for your comfort. now you can drink your coffee while laying back on your recliner and feel the optimal relaxing moment. As long as components are concerned, the leather is used of very high quality, moreover the sturdiness of inside parts are tested and confirmed.

This best recliner sofa chair is ideal for muscles relaxation. If you are facing anxiety or tiredness then this recliner will help you in both and get you out of the problem consequently make you attain maximum energy level.

  • Massage option is best for people who face high level of tiredness.
  • Cup holders on both sides.
  • Fine quality of leather
  • Bulky in size, you may consider the available space in your living room before buying this recliner.
  • May requires recurring maintenance due to its massage option.
  • There is only one side pocket.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Bounded leather
  • Product Size: 37.8*33.8*41.7 inches
  • Carton Size: 33*35*29 inches

2. Pearington Keansburg Microfiber Living Room Recliner Chair

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

This recliner chair gives you luxury feel due to its chocolate microfiber cover.  You will get optimal relaxing experience due to its big over stuffed body. This will give your body very soothing experience. Open handle is very much accessible which offers easy reclining. The sinuous spring seating and pocketed coil construction ensures long lasting comfort. Although this recliner is quite expensive but its famous for its durability. Its solid frame has been tested thoroughly to ensure its durability in home use as well as commercial use.  As I mentioned earlier some recliners lasts for 20 to 25 years, Pearington microfiber recliner chair could be one those. This recliner surely gives you reclining support from head to toe.

  • Classy Color makes it unique and classy
  • Sinuous Spring Seating
  • Pocketed Coil construction
  • Quite expensive as compared to other recliners with same features
  • Big in size, big area need to be allocated for this recliner

3. Giantex Manual Recliner Chair Black Lounger

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

Now you can enjoy your favorite tv series by sitting on this smooth comfortable recliner. To increase the durability and ultimate comfort, this product is having robust steel mechanism and foam seating. The elegant arm design of this push back recliner gives it a fabulous look. This recliner comes with sewn-in seat and ornamentally stitched back cushions that can be used with any room setting. You will get durability and fashion in single product.

  • Material: PU, Steel Mechanism
  • Color: Black
  • Open Dimensions: 64 2/5”L X 25 3/5”W X 32”H
  • Closed Dimensions: 35 4/5”L X 25 3/5”W X 39 3/4”H
  • Weight Capacity Not To Exceed 250 Lbs
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Steel Mechanism which increases its useful life
  • It covers large space when extended

4. MSG Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Swivel Heated with Control Black

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

This recliner has been very popular among consumers from very long time. It has backrest which reclines and footrest pops up to 360 swivel movement, which is nice as you can rotate in a circle.

Its cold out there and you want to spend relaxing time, then this recliner will give you cozy experience due to its internal heating system.
There are 2 cup holders in total, which are thick padded and nicely designed. Now you can have your meal and enjoy drinks while sitting on this chair.
This recliner has 8 point massage which is very good if consider its cost then i would say its good value for money. This best recliner chair is really good for stiffed muscles and tiredness.

Moreover this recliner is famous for its rocker function of this recliner, like you can rock up and down by using the rocker function. Material used in manufacturing is simply great. If we talk about its fabric, this recliner is made of finest Eco friendly leather, which is very durable and comfortable.

Furthermore the frame of the recliner is very strong and sturdy. Back cushion and headrest are adjustable which is quite useful because you have to adjust these things while reclining or in swiveling.

Last but not the least this recliner has 1 side pouch and 2 front pouches, this is very useful. You can get many health benefits like stress control, anxiety and stiffed muscles relaxing consequently it increases sleep quality.

  • 360 Swivel movement, you can rotate it in 360 degree
  • Internal Heating System for cozy experience
  • There are cup holders on both sides
  • 8 point massage
  • As this recliner is loaded with many functions consequently its expensive
  • Maintenance cost will be high as this recliner is quite complex in design

5. Bonded Leather Motor Power Recliner (Brown)

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

This new motorized recliner in the market has some great customer reviews. Fine quality soft leather is used which is very comfortable to sit on.

The best part is that this recliner is made in such a way that it gives the user ultimate relaxation due to its softness and coziness. Furthermore the design is not very heavy, like it doesn’t cover much space of your living room.
If we talk about the reclining, it reclines fully upto 140 degree.

Are you worried about the sounds come during reclining? Don’t panic, this recliner have it covered for you.
New and improved motor is used, just to ensure that there should be no noise while reclining to get maximum comfort. Like other good recliners, it has cup holders on both sides and armrest is made of fully padded thick comfortable material.

This recliner has some awesome features, dual function operation is one of those. This function permits to recline and elevate your feet at once by just pushing a button.

  • Motor Power recliner which is very powerful in use
  • Sleek Design, best for small areas
  • Cup holders on both sides
  • Its small in size so read its dimensions clearly before buying
  • No rocking or gliding function
  • So customers observe that color is not exactly a beige-brown color, but rather goes a little to mustard color

6. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner, Tan

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

Dorel Living Padded massage recliner is famous for its classic style and supreme comfort. sturdy frame makes this recliner very durable and long lasting.

This is specialized recliner for massage. There is option for zone massaging with built in high and low settings located in seat and back.
You can use this option together or separate as per your requirement. Another exciting feature is that there is lever located for reclining function.
There is fully upholstered chair pad which are really good in supporting legs and knees. The seating is made of high quality foam which makes this recliner extremely comfortable. This recliner comes with sewn-in seat and back cushions.

Dorel recliner is quite easy to clean due to its fine quality leather used. If want to give your living room a classy look then this recliner is definitely for you due to its aesthetic design.

  • Two massaging zones, it can be operated together or separately
  • Reclining function provides range of positions
  • Foam seating to enhance comfort and durability
  • Observed Squeaking noise during reclining sometimes
  • Vibration is little louder
  • Footrest is little narrow in width

7. Merax PU Heated Massage Recliner Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge with 8 Vibration Motors

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

As from the name you can have idea that this is recliner is loaded with many options. Steel enforced backrest ensure the stability and durability.

Cushions are foam filled which permits ultimate comfort. There are 8 points where vibrations motors come into action. These 8 points are identified after diligent testing. The massaging points gives you optimal relief targets the upper back, lower back, thighs and feet.

There is built in heating system which gives the user warm feeling and promotes blood circulation. A easy to approach handle on the side of the chair permits for one hand operation of the footrest. There are three recommended positions that you can use in this recliners.

3 positions:

  • First position: Normal sitting position in which leg rest is not extended and back rest reclines up to 110 degrees. (recommended for want to read a book)
  • Second position: in this position leg rest is extended and back rest is reclines about 110 degree (recommended when you are tired)
  • Third position: its full extended position in which both leg rest and back rest is in action. It reclines about 145 degrees. (recommended for extremely tired position)


  • 8 Vibration Motors
  • Heating function
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Alternative massage mode
  • Adjustable reclining backrest
  • Extended leg rest
  • Side Pocket
  • Thick, over sided padded cushions
  • Padded armrests
  • Remote control included
  • Suede fabric surface
  • 8 point massage for optimal relaxation. Targets the upper back, lower back, thighs, and feet
  • Heating system included that warms the body and promotes blood circulation
  • Suede Surface Provide ultimate comfort, Easy Care and super soft.
  • It is likely not going to be very comfortable for taller people
  • Doesn’t stay reclined fully if you don’t keep pressure against it

8. Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

If you have small space in your living room and you don’t want to allocated big area for some bulky recliner then this sleek designed recliner is for you.

Although this recliner is quite slim but it doesn’t compromise features that you expect from any other recliner.
Thick padded seat and wide arms give you maximum comfort. Tall back design gives this recliner very classy look. The best feature is push back reclining option which is very smooth.

Upholstered is made by very soft microfiber fabric which is very durable. You can slip into comfort due to its unique reclining mechanism and rest your legs on padded footrest.

  • Cheap recliner and good value for money
  • A high seat back ensures comfort from the smallest to the tallest
  • Adjustments are made easy with the smooth push back mechanism
  • You may feel difficulty in pulling up the leg rest, but for affordable price its still great.

9. Lucas Grey Recliner Club Chair

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

This is another great recliner for those who have small areas in living room. Its solid frame gives this recliner more durable useful life. You can take a nap and read a book by using its relaxing reclining function. Following is the technical detail of the package.

  • Includes: One (1) Recliner
  • Dimensions: 34.00 inches deep x 26.75 inches wide x 36.25 inches high Seat Width: 20.08 inches Seat Depth: 22.44 inches Seat Height: 16.54 inches Arm Height: 23.63
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Relax in style with this recliner club chair featuring a solid frame and sturdy feet for added stability and strength. This comfortable reclining chair is great for small spaces and functions as a great place to take a nap or read a book.
  • Well-padded cushions and arms
  • Lucas’s strong hardwood frame, makes it durable in use
  • The design is quite simple
  • A weak person would have difficulty pushing it into the reclining position

10. Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair with Heat and Massage Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

View on Amazon for best price and customer reviews

In this product you will find many exciting features that make it one of the best recliners in the market.
Upholstered is made of suede fabric which is very durable and good quality. Sued fabric is also good for your back.

Arm rests and seat cushions are designed in such way that you can get ultimate comfort from this recliner. There is a Press button sets the chair in motion for 18 minutes and do the massaging your upper back, lower back, thighs and feet.

This best electric recliner chair has 8 points massage system which makes it hot product for those who wants to have nice massaging chair in their home.

Furthermore heating system is included that ensures good blood circulation in your body and provides you warm comfortable experience. One hand operation for footrest is installed on the side of the chair.



  • 8 Vibration Motors
  • Heating function
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Alternative massage mode
  • Adjustable reclining backrest
  • Extended leg rest
  • Side Pocket
  • Thick, over sided padded cushions
  • Padded armrests
  • Remote control included
  • Suede fabric surface
  • Internal heating system for ultimate relaxation
  • 8 points massage system makes it fully loaded massaging chair
  • Made of Suede fabric which is very good for back
  • The heat mechanism only works with the massage
  • Footrest is small for taller people

Best Recliner Chair – Winner

MSG Massage Recliner

Visit Amazon for best price

After detailed reviews of best sofa recliners, i would say there is quite tough competition between recliners reviewed above.After diligent research and consumer testing, we have reached to conclusion that MSG Massage recliner is best value for money.

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